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VICE VERSA is a portuguese service company that aims to satisfy the interests of its clients. It is idealized to projection, construction, remodeling, decorating and advertising of fair stands, stores, showrooms and interior architecture, and it is implemented in different activity sectors and markets.

trade show exhibit

We have a fully integrated service that ensures that our customers have a memorable event

BOOTH DESIGN | Customized 3D designs to our customers ideas

CONSTRUCTION OF BOOTHS |  Factory production in Portugal

ASSEMBLY AND DISASSEMBLY |  On site, with all solutions: carpentry, peinture, eletricity, advertising

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Stores & showrooms

We serve the needs of our customers through the creation and remodeling of spaces offering sustainable spaces in long term

BOOTH DESIGN | Customized 3D designs to our customers ideas

PRODUCTIONS SYSTEM | After the validation of all technical details, we start the production on the factory in Portugal

ON SITE | We deliver ready!

Interior design & remodeling

We offer an exclusive interior design and remodeling service. We create harmonized spaces, combined with the choices of furniture, objects, accessories, lighting, color, materials and finish.

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we build your idea in reality

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Some of our projects

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