VICE VERSA is a service company that aims to satisfy the interests of its clients. It is idealized to the projection, construction, remodeling, decorating and advertising of fair stands, stores, showrooms and interior architecture. VICE VERSA is implemented in different activity sectors and markets.

Supported by experienced designers, VICE VERSA provides innovative and creative environments with harmonizing spaces, furniture, paint and lighting. The company proposes solutions technologically innovative, esthetically fascinating, credible, stout and current.

VICE VERSA presents itself to the client as a true strategic business partner rather than a simple supplier of solutions. Guiding its role according to actual customers needs, VICE VERSA structure the most suitable solution with permanent consulting and advice support.

Our mission

VICE VERSA wants to improve and innovate continually  in order to exceed customer expectations through an early response to their needs, seeking to their complete satisfaction and loyalty. Simultaneously, aims to ensure business growth through organizational consolidation, efficient management of resources (human and material), constant bet on the appreciation of employees and business partners.


Our vision

VICE VERSA is defined by a strong, understandable and shared vision with all business partners. It searchs for leadership in the sectors and markets where operates, through differentiated concepts and solutions for creating value. 


Our values

  • Competence - We combine knowledge, execution and capability in order to do more and better. We know that we are capable and we have the required ability  to meet our goals.
  • Ambition - We want to increasingly evolve for the purpose of go further.
  • Trust - We have conviction in our value to set new goals year after year because we know we can get where our ambition and competence take us. We work with confidence and courage to look forward to discover and explore new ways. are.

Differention factors

  • KnowledgeThe union of knowledge gives us the art and ingenuity to operate in different areas with expertise and excellence.


  • Expertise - We are focused on what we do well, where we concentrate the knowing and doing.


  • Proximity - We are allways disposable to create new partnerships in order to get closer to each client.